Creative Block

This past semester has been the best and worst year from my creative self. I started off the semester just coming from finishing up photos for the Digital Pedagogy Lab which was a super awesome event. I spent a full week capturing the event and taking photos of every single thing that happened during the event. Then came the end of the semester where I have just finished an internship with the University of Mary Washington Media Group. During this internship, I worked with the office to create photos and videos for the media of the University of Mary Washington. Of course, this experience was good for me, because I was able to work on my professional self as well as hone my communication and professional skills that I will need in the future. However, I learned that my creative side and mind has been kind of malnourished. While I did enjoy creating and doing work for other people, but I just felt that not doing my own stuff and doing things on my own has really destroyed my creative mind. I have felt blocked out of the creative world and have been fairly unmotivated when it comes to creating for myself. That is why I have set out on this project. To create something that I came up with and something that I will be proud of. Also just to do something for myself rather than other people. I am hoping that doing this will help my creative mind and kind of push me forward in my creative career. That being said, here is the photo set that I created:

This whole day of just capturing videos and photos was actually super awesome. Especially the part where I and a friend of mine went out and just captured photos in the freezing cold just for fun. I haven’t really done anything “just for fun” in a while and I’m absolutely happy that I got to do something like this. I didn’t necessarily have the biggest and most precise plan whilst I was out taking photos, and that is probably the best thing that I could have done. Not having a plan made sure that I wasn’t necessarily accountable to keeping up with a schedule or anything like that. Which in turn, decreased my anxiety and fear of creating. Creating and doing stuff just to do stuff is just so fun and has helped my creative flow. I’ll be sure to do more things like this in the future because this has really helped me like a lot. Anyways, stay tuned in for the next thing I’m working on. It should be a banger! PEACE LOVE AND POSITIVITY!

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